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Forum on the Psalms Week 6

Week 6.

February 7, 2016

Past week psalms 25:16 – psalm 30 1-12

We started this week with learning about the words Tetragammation meaning 4 letters for God YAWH Yahweh – Lord Adonai – Lord

Read aloud Exodus 33:17-23 Church – God is thought of as a Grandpa or Grandma always there

Temple – God’s Face was off limits. So righteousness and holiness, to much for us to look at.

Psalm 27 – Anthem of Praise. (Vs 1-6) Confidence in Lord I believe I shall see the Goodness. (Vs 8) Here O Lord, I need your Presence. Say “seek his Face” – 40 references worship to the Lord ( Adonai) 6823 times in Old Testament.

Psalm 29. Yahweh, Lord, appears 18 times in this psalm. Psalm gives Glory to an Omnipotent Lord. “Enthronement Psalm” putting God as King. Why is nature so important? God created Earth and all that’s in it.

Forum on the Psalms Week 5



Jan. 31, 2016. Week 5
Psalm 20-25: 1-15
We reflected back on our reading to words that stood out this week.
Uplifting, peaceful, faith, support, strength, blessing, ordinary, and mercy.
Psalm 20-21 are Royal psalms which are for help or victory before or during battle.
Psalm 22. A individual prayer to God for help.
1. God answer me (v. 2)
2. Stay close to me (v. 11, 14)
3. Deliver me (v.20)
Typica – prophetically messianic
Psalm 23. God is with me (1-6)
God is my comfort (1-6)
God is my comfort and is constant
Show intimacy with God (single sheep not whole flock)
Psalm 24. Who is worthy to enter?
What follows is list of moral attributes not ritual actions.
(Vs 3) “Hill”. Gods residence, His temple on Mt. Zion or any place he
Psalm 25. Acrostic Prayer
Seeks God’s 1. Deliverance
2. Guidance
3. Forgiveness
David’s prayers for himself and for the nation.


Ash Wednesday 2016


Ash Wednesday begins the the 40 day journey to Easter, Lent. You are invited to join us in the sanctuary at 7:00 PM for a brief service of scripture, song, prayer, and, if you choose, the imposition of ashes. Let us begin the journey together!