Season of Creation


During September, we will participate in the Season of Creation during our worship services. In word, song, and visual art we will celebrate our Creator and creation and explore our place in the cosmos. Aqua, the blue green color of the planet Earth when viewed from outer space, invites us into this season, and the pulsing of God’s spirit that moves in and through all creation. During this four-week season, we experience the deep impulse of God’s word that calls forth creation and stirs life. We affirm our kinship with everything God has created and is creating, are made conscious of the crisis of human domination, and encourage to live in and toward a vision of new heavens and new earth. Join us for:

September 6th Planet Earth Sunday

September 13th Humanity Sunday

September 20th Sky Sunday

September 27th Mountain Sunday

Movie and Potluck Night


Join us Friday evening, August 21st for a church family movie night! We will gather at 6:30 PM to eat (just bring enough to share of whatever you are best at) and at 7:00 PM, we’ll start the movie McFarland, U.S.A., an inspirational film based on the true story of a cross country coach in a small California town who transforms a team of athletes into championship contenders.

School Supply Drive 2015


We are once again collecting school supplies for both North Grade Elementary School. This school serves a largely disadvantaged student population and every little bit helps. Please consider picking up some of these items during your next trip to the grocery or discount store and bring them to church with you this Sunday:

12 – # 2 Pencils
24 – Crayons
2 – Glue Sticks
1 – Box of Tissues
1 – Pink Eraser
8 – Broad Tip Markers
1 – Pair of Fiskers Scissors
1 – Pencil Case
1 – Wide-Ruled Spiral Bound Notebook
2 – Pocket Folder
12 -Pencil Crayons
2 – Pkg Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Paper
1 – Pkg. Washable Felt Markers
1 – Pair Scissors
10 – Duo-Tangs
1 – Pkg. Lined Paper
1 – Pkg. Plain Paper
8 – Lined Notebooks
2 – Blue Pens
1 – Red Pen
1 – Ruler
1 – White Glue
2 – 1″ Binders
8 – Subject Dividers
1 – Scientific Calculator
1 – Geometry Set
1 – Pocket Dictionary
1 – Pencil Sharpener
3 – Highlighter Pen
Composition Books
Copy Paper

Crossroads July 2015

Here is our first issue of The Crossroads published in many months. Thanks Helen Greene and Carol Lewis for providing some insight into the lives of two of our members. And, of course, thanks to Trish Lecco for design and layout. Look for your copy in the mail this week. And pick up an extra copy or two to give away to those you know who are looking for a community where they can practice faith, kindness, and justice!

July Crossroads

The Seven


This Summer, we will take a brief break from the liturgical calendar to engage a worship series on “The 7,” where we will blow the dust off the seven historical “deadly sins” and their corresponding virtues. How do these 14th century ideas match with 21st century morality and ethics? Do these sins still plague us today? How do they affect us as a society? Can focusing on the 7 virtues help us combat the 7 deadly sins and improve our lives? We’ll leave the guilt aside and learn what The 7 have to teach us!

July 19th Lust and Chastity
July 26th Greed and Charity
August 2nd Gluttony and Temperance
August 9th Sloth and Diligence
August 16th Wrath and Patience
August 23rd Envy and Kindness
August 30th Pride and Humilty