Crossroads July 2015

Here is our first issue of The Crossroads published in many months. Thanks Helen Greene and Carol Lewis for providing some insight into the lives of two of our members. And, of course, thanks to Trish Lecco for design and layout. Look for your copy in the mail this week. And pick up an extra copy or two to give away to those you know who are looking for a community where they can practice faith, kindness, and justice!

July Crossroads

The Seven


This Summer, we will take a brief break from the liturgical calendar to engage a worship series on “The 7,” where we will blow the dust off the seven historical “deadly sins” and their corresponding virtues. How do these 14th century ideas match with 21st century morality and ethics? Do these sins still plague us today? How do they affect us as a society? Can focusing on the 7 virtues help us combat the 7 deadly sins and improve our lives? We’ll leave the guilt aside and learn what The 7 have to teach us!

July 19th Lust and Chastity
July 26th Greed and Charity
August 2nd Gluttony and Temperance
August 9th Sloth and Diligence
August 16th Wrath and Patience
August 23rd Envy and Kindness
August 30th Pride and Humilty

Paint Your Heart Out


On Saturday, August 1st, we will be joining with others in Lake Worth and Palm Beach County to paint the house of one of our neighbors. This won’t be an opportunity for everyone, because it will be hot work. However, if you’re physically able we would love for you to join us in participating in this practical way of sharing God’s love with our community! If you would like to participate, contact Pastor Jason. Stay tuned for more information.

Pentecost Sunday



What was it about the early church that made such an impact on the society? Pentecost is the commemoration of the birth of the church, when the Holy Spirit blew into the lives of the early followers of Jesus.

Join us Sunday as we explore the story of the Pentecost and we ask with the prophet Ezekiel “can these dry bones live?”

Farewell Party for Faustina


On May 3rd following the worship service, we will gather to celebrate our favorite Ghanian, Faustina Appiah. Tina will be traveling back home to Ghana the following week so will gather to remember and celebrate her time with us. Join us!