Provision in the Wilderness – Manna

Road to Freedom

Here I Am

What Is Needed?

Guest Preacher Rev. Rashelle Rogers

Lessons in Living from the Life of Joseph

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Lessons in Living from the Life of Joseph

Wrestled, Named, Called, and Blessed


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The Kingdom of God is Like…

Searched, Known, and Named


Where and when have you experienced the presence of God in your life? Share with us in the comments!

You can find this week’s bulletin here, and the sermon notes here.

In this week’s focus scripture, Jacob encounters God in a dream. Jacob is journeying alone after fleeing from his brother Esau. His interaction with God in the dream brings Jacob closer to God. He renames the place of the dream Bethel, which means house of God, to show its significance.

This week, step inside a church or different churches or visit another sacred space to pray or spend some time meditating on God’s presence in your life.