Ecclessia: Faith

Ecclesiafacebook2This Sunday, we explored the topic of faith, and how we are called to practice it in community. The bad news is that Jason forgot the video camera so we did not record it. The good news is that gives us the opportunity to experiment with “crowd sourcing”  the remembering of what was said! What stuck out to you in Sunday’s message? What challenged you? What do you want to put into practice? Where was Jason off base? Let us know in the comment sections of this post or on our Facebook page. When we get everyone’s feedback, Pastor Jason will write out the sermon including comments.



Ecclesia: Practice

Ecclesiafacebook2This week we explored what we are called to do, practice. We must practice because our faith is active; it is not just believed it is lived! And we “just practice,” we are free to fail, we are free to experiment, we are free to test our voice in the midst of a supportive community of faith. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Ecclesia: Called

This Sunday we began our series, Ecclesia, by recognizing that we, each of us, are called out for a purpose: to be a living stone in this spiritual building we call the church, to be a part of the body of Christ.