Gratitude: The Cure for Worry

This Sunday we heard the advice of Jesus to notice the lilies of the field, to attune ourselves to that for which we can be grateful instead of worrying.


Trusting the Promise

The Widow’s Mite – Is it Right?

Speak Out


Jesus said, “Go, your faith has made you well.” Mark 10:52a

Bartimaeus, on the side of the road, cannot see, and desperately wants to regain his sight. When he hears Jesus is nearby he cries out for help, and is told by the crowd to be quiet. He cries all the louder, and Jesus calls for him. Now the crowd who shushed him tells him to hurry up. It is an interesting view of human behavior, that often we will switch our allegiance or loyalty to try to satisfy others. Jesus, however, does nothing but show compassion, and tells Bartimaeus that his faith has made him well. Bartimaeus, as an act of thanksgiving, follows Jesus.

When have you cried out for help, only to have others put you down?

Recall what that felt like. Then focus on the presence of Jesus Christ in your life, and how Christ seeks to reach beyond the crowds.

Unexpected Answers


[Jesus said], “for the Human One didn’t come to be served but rather to serve and to give his life to liberate many people.”    Mark 10:45

When a couple of the disciples ask Jesus for a special favor, Jesus reminds them that tough times lie ahead. “Rather than focusing on who gets to sit next to me,” Jesus seems to say, “be concerned about the difficulties of proclaiming God’s unconditional love.” Jesus goes on to remind them that he is trying to lead in a way that differs from the rest of the world, as a servant. And he calls the disciples to live the same way.

Ponder a time when you have wanted to be served, and imagine yourself serving instead. What does that feel like?