Searched, Known, and Named


Where and when have you experienced the presence of God in your life? Share with us in the comments!

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In this week’s focus scripture, Jacob encounters God in a dream. Jacob is journeying alone after fleeing from his brother Esau. His interaction with God in the dream brings Jacob closer to God. He renames the place of the dream Bethel, which means house of God, to show its significance.

This week, step inside a church or different churches or visit another sacred space to pray or spend some time meditating on God’s presence in your life.

Tension and Presence

Freedom and Interdependence

This week we peered into Galatians 5 for an exploration of freedom and interdependence.

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Welcoming and Sacrificing


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God Hears, God Cares

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Will the Real Mom Please Stand Up

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Meeting Christ

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A Week Later…

This week we explored the story of Thomas and how his experience of Jesus can help us in our experience of Christ.

We introduced the practice of a simple breathing prayer, inhaling on one phrase and exhaling on another. We shared some phrases from Psalm 16 with which to practice this week:

Protect me, O God // for in you I take refuge.

I bless the Lord // who gives me counsel;

Therefore my heart is glad // and my soul rejoices.

You show me the path of life // in your presence there is joy


You can find sermon notes here and this Sunday’s bulletin here. I’ll be sharing some other thoughts on the subject this week. If you’re interested, keep an eye on the website or our Facebook page.

Easter Service 2014