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God is still speaking,

We believe that God was revealed in the past, but also in the present and the future. In the Bible, God was known through covenants with people and nations, through prophets and teachers, through conflicts and commandments, in visions and songs, and through the followers of Jesus and the church. In moments of compassion, justice, and peace, in our worship, sacraments, prayer, seeking, action, and silence, God continues to speak.

Following Jesus, we answer God's call to practice faith, mercy, and justice in community.

We are a community of practice. We walk together on our spiritual journey 

All Inclusive Grace

If nothing can separate us from God’s love, what then shall we do? Some choose to endlessly argue about who’s in and who’s out. Or maybe we can let our hearts break for those who are disconnected from the all-inclusive Grace of the universe and lift our voices and live our lives to proclaim the unconditional love of God.

Gathering Time

Sundays at 10:30 AM
1415 North K ST Lake Worth FL 33460