Our Love Letters to Our Nation

Dear USA, I love our country, but it needs more love shown to all. Please stop all the violence that is getting worse. Elections need to be less hateful. Our countries look at us with respect. Don't lose. Thank you. God Bless America.

Dear USA,
Please stop all the mass shooting. Let's treat our neighbors like family.

Dear America,

Thank you for our founding fathers who brought our nation into being, for them using their religious beliefs to form  a foundation of law and order for us.

Forgive us for not always following your example. Help us  to learn to take care of each other and our nation.

Dear America,

I am gateful to live in a diverse country where we are free to express our opinions.
I am thankful I can work to provide my fmialy food, shelter, and support.
I am thankful to live in sucha rich country that will hopefully become a nation, again, of one for all and all for one.


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