The Daily: Sunday September 3, 2023

Daily Lectionary Reading: Psalm 26:1-8 (NRSV, The Message) Jeremiah 15:15-21 (NRSV, The Message); Romans 12:9-21 (NRSV, The Message) Matthew 16:21-28 (NRSV, The Message)
Your words were found, and I ate them,
and your words became to me a joy
and the delight of my heart;
for I am called by your name,
O Lord, God of hosts.

Jeremiah 15:16
The words and the sentiment are strange - "words eaten" that "become a joy and a delight." It is hard to imagine such a relationship with wisdom, scripture, a faith tradtion now. Maybe it was then as well. It doesn't seem practical to devote our energy to such. Isn't there real work to do to take care of ourselves, others, the world? Yet, our efforts not only often fall short, they leave us depleted and joyless. Maybe some of the sustenance, the nourishment, the joy we need to sustain our work can be found in the practice of our faith, in allowing ourselves to consume the words of God.
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